New community projects in Verdun, it’s Urgent!

By increasing the number of community housings in Verdun, we can meet the needs of tenants living in unacceptable housing conditions. Furthermore, these housings can also meet the needs of tenants paying high rents where other basic needs are compromised. In fact, more than 1300 tenants in Verdun are paying 80% of their income for housing.

With community housing, we can make room for people in our transforming area. It is believed that 80% of privately built housings in Montreal is roughly accessible to 20% of the population. With community housing, we have options.

Here is a summary of community housing built since 2010:


Sous le Toit de PAL 2011 4075, rue Verdun 28 studios
Coopérative Rêve Bleu 2013 3601, boul. Gaétan-Laberge 19 units                                                Single women 50 and olderns et +
Habitations communautaires Entre-deux-âges 2013 3601, boul. Gaétan-Laberge 109 units – 65 and older
Coopérative Les Sages 2015 665, rue Galt 46 units
Total :     202 units

Creating new projects

The CACV and the Table en habitation et aménagement urbain de Verdun (which replaced the Table sur le logement social de Verdun) play a role in pre-developing social/community housing projects. They are involved in finding sites (grounds and buildings) and helping along the progress of the projects.

Would you like to get involved in developing a community housing project? Either as a founding member, as support, or to get an apartment in one of those projects, the CACV needs your help!

Sign up now on our applicants list by filling out the form!


demande logement1

 Du logement social sur les terrains Gaétan-Laberge

There are only a few lots and opportunities to develop housing projects in Verdun. Therefore, the CACV has campaigned for a long time in order to have city lots on Gaétan-Laberge Boulevard be dedicated to these projects. In September 2014, we won for the first time: the Verdun Borough began supporting a 100% social and community housing project on those lots.

We are currently working with the Borough, the City of Montreal, the Ministère de l’environnement, the Groupe de ressources techniques Bâtir son quartier and Groupe CDH as well as with groups in charge of projects to develop solutions to decontaminate the soil.

Many projects can be built on these lots. To contribute or to have more information, please call us at 514-769-2228, ext, 102.


photo E2A

Here is a building on Gaetan-Laberge housing  Les Habitations communautaires Entre-deux-âges and La coopérative Rêve Bleu.


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