What is a non-profit housing organization?

It is a community organization which mission is to provide affordable and quality housing for people in need. They are managed by a board of directors usually composed of tenants and members from the community.

Some non-profit housing is open to almost any person or family with a low to modest income. Some are for seniors. Others have a mission to provide housing and community support to people who have a specific challenge (ex. mental illness, surviving domestic violence, addiction, etc.).

Finding a dwelling in a Non-Profit Organization

Verdun has serveral different housing non-profit organizations, with varying criteria.

There is no centralized waiting list for people applying to this type of dwelling. Each organization has its own way of working and its own selection criteria. Contact the organization of your choice directly for more information.

For Verdun: you can find the contact information in our directory of social housing in Verdun.

For Montréal:  see the list here répertoire de la Société d’habitation du Québec or contact the local housing committees of the area of your choice, see this list here liste des comités).