Do you want to support tenants’ rights? Then you are invited to meet with us and prepare for public consultations. It will be a change to learn about a proposed bylaw change and have answers to your questions.

At the Verdun borough council of September 1st, a new version of a rental housing bylaw was voted. This version is much less strong than the one proposed on June 2nd, no longer including protections for tenants in two-unit to six-unit buildings who face eviction in order that their appartment be combined with another one . The borough therefore proposes to continue giving permits for the conversion of duplexes into single family homes, triplexes into duplexes, etc.

We are very concerned about the effects of this change, given the housing crisis. Every week, we meet people who are losing their housing and can no longer find an affordable place in Verdun. Most often, it’s elderly people, those with health issues, or families. Some were placed in temporary housing to avoid homelessness. The Verdun borough can prevent some of these evictions.

The bylaw proposed on September 1st is not yet final. Verdun residents will soon be able to submit written comments (from September 28th to October 13th), participate in a consultation on October 13th at 7pm at the town hall, or contact their elected officials. We find it important to question the choices of our elected representatives.

In order that as many people as possible are well informed and prepared for the consultations, you are invited to participate in a meeting to discuss the bylaw either by Zoom on Wednesday September 23rd at 6pm or face-to-face on Tuesday September 29th at 6pm.

The upcoming dates :
– Wednesday September 23rd at 6pm: CACV meeting by Zoom to learn about and discuss the bylaw in preparation for consultations;
– Tuesday September 29th at 6pm: CACV meeting face-to-face to learn about and discuss the bylaw in preparation for consultations (outside, with social distancing);
– from September 28th to October 13th: written opinions can be submitted to the Verdun borough in the context of their consultation;
– Tuesday October 13th at 7pm: evening of consultation at the town hall.

For the CACV’s evenings of preparation for the consultation on the 23rd and the 29th of September, please let us know of your interest by responding to this email (steve@cacv-verdun.org) or by calling me at 514 769-2228, extention 102. I will then send you information about how to join us.

We can still modify the proposed bylaw in order to protect tenants from evictions. We look forward to working with many of you to convince our elected officials to support tenants’ rights in this bylaw.

All the best,

Steve Baird
Community Organizer, CACV
514-769-2228, extension 102