Rents in Verdun are more and more unaffordable for many people. They often increase dramatically when tenants change. There are however ways to avoid abusive increases.

Question: when people move, does the landlord have the right to increase the rent as he or she pleases?
Answer: No! And we can prevent this!

If you are able to get a proof of the rent paid by the previous tenants, you can ask the Tribunal administratif du logement to fix the rent. There are however deadlines that need to be respected.

Ways to keep affordable rents when you leave an appartment

1. Find a new tenant for the apartment and transfer them your lease. You will be released of all your obligations and the new tenant will have the same rent. If you only want to leave temporarily, you can sublet.
2. Send a proof of the rent you have been paying to the new tenant. For instance, a notice of rent increase of the last year or a receipt for the rent. If you cannot give it to them personally, you can send it by mail.

At any time, you can take two minutes to submit your information on the website or consult the site to see if someone has a proof of the previous rent of your apartment.