What are HLMs?

Tenants of an HLM pay a rent equal to 25% of their income. These apartments belong to the Government of Québec. In Montreal, the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal (OMHM) is in charge of HLMs on it’s territory.

There are three types of HLMs:
• For families and people living alone
• For seniors (60 years and over)
• Accessible housing (for people with physical or intellectual disabilities)

Waiting times for an HLM vary depending on factors including income, number of children, unsafe living conditions, and the neighbourhoods selected by the applicant. Waiting times for studios are significantly shorter. It is common to wait for years before being offered an appartment.

How to apply to an HLM

You have to meet the eligibility criteria. You can apply for an HLM apartment at any time of the year by filling out a form and enclosing the requested documents. To get the OMHM’s form, contact their Housing Application Management Department:

Phone: 514-868-558
Address: 415, Saint-Antoine West, 2nd floor, Montreal (QC), H2Z 1H8

You can also obtain the form on their website at the following address:

Need help with your application?

Call us at 514-769-2228, ext. 101. We can help you fill out the application form and photocopy the necessary documents.