What is a cooperative ?

A housing cooperative (co-op) is a building or a building complex in which the members are individually tenants and collectively owners. A housing co-op is non- profit and managed directly by its members (tenants). The aim is to look after the proper functioning of the co-op in a spirit of mutual help and cooperation in order to ensure good housing conditions for all.

As part of its social mission, the cooperative aims to provide tenants with quality housing, at a cost as low as possible, and with respect to their rights.

Applying for housing in an existing co-op

Each cooperative is independent and has its own selection committee. Therefore, there is no centralized waiting list. You must first choose the cooperatives that you are interested in, then send an application letter to each of them by mail.

You can find the addresses of the co-ops in Verdun in our  Directory of Social Housing in Verdun or our Map of Social Housing in Verdun.

To find out the addresses of other co-ops in Montreal, look at the  FÉCHIMM Website, especially the List of co-op members.

Applying for co-op development projects 

Many groups work at setting up new housing co-op projects. If you want to acquire a space in an upcoming co-op, or if you want to participate at the different stages of developing new co-ops, you have to register with the organizations working on developing social housing.

For Verdun, at the CACV :

Register on the CACV list of applicants for social housing.

Fill out our form available here.

For the other neighbourhoods:

Contact the different housing committee. See the list here.

Register with the different groups of technical ressources. See this list here.