Art at the service of our battles !

The Collective of Activist Artists is a space where we use art to illustrate our demands.

Artists-citizens explore different art forms (musical, theater, visual arts) to put forward problems facing tenants, to resolve, to debunk the prejudice on poverty and to claim the right to exist and live with dignity in their neighborhoods.


Here are some of the achievements of the Collective of Activist Artists, achieved with the collaboration and the support of d’Engrenage Noir.

Our figurines

_DSC0135-2The CACV’s Artistes Activistes created 18 life size figurines each representing a real person who describes the real impacts in our lives of having or not a non-for-profit housing.

The participants created their figurines, painted them along with their messages. Some members of Projet PAL and Centre des Femmes de Verdun  also particpated in the creation of many. They symbolize that there are too many people that don’t have the means to have adequate housing.

To the right and below, here are the images of the launch of the figurines.


Our Raps

rap J'y suis j'y reste

rap du ghetto

Faces of Verdun


The Theater of the Oppressed

Photos Mario 234