(September 29th, 2020) Today, the official consultation begins on the proposed bylaw concerning protections to housing in Verdun. It is an important moment to defend Verdun tenants!

We ask that the proposed bylaw be modified to prevent appartments from being fused together, regardless of the size of the building. While we appreciate that the bylaw includes protections against subdivisions of appartments and their conversion into divided co-properties (condos), fusions should also be prevented, as it is the main cause of the loss of rental housing. In this period of acute housing crisis, we cannot afford to lose these apartments and allow the eviction of their tenants.

We are asking for your help. There are different ways to act :

1. Participate in the official consultation process of the borough : https://montreal.ca/articles/consultations-en-mode-virtuel-dans-verdun
If you want help in preparing your message, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2. Contact your elected officials. For example, send them an email (and send us a copy) :


3. Sign our collective letter at the following link : http://cacv-verdun.org/lettre-collective-projet-de-reglement/

For more information about the bylaw and the changes that the CACV is asking for, see our background document (in French). We also invite you to communicate with Steve Baird at 514-769-2228, extension 102 for any questions.

Thank you for your help!