Lancement SOLIDES déc 2019(Verdun, Montreal, December 5th 2019) The Citizen’s Action Committee of Verdun (CACV) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with a non-profit housing organization, the Société locative d’investissement et de développement social (SOLIDES).

In the goal of developing and preserving housing for all in Verdun, the CACV advocates for community housing. In order to be more active in its development, the CACV’s members and team included an ambitious project in their 2018-2020 strategic plan : that there be a non-profit housing development organization in Verdun.

The project developed into a partnership with SOLIDES, a non-profit organization whose mission is to acquire, renovate or build apartments that can provide adequate housing to people of low or modest revenues. They have over 20 years of experience and own 540 rental unit in Chateauguay, Longueuil and now in Verdun.

SOLIDES recently purchased a first building of eight units, located at 1080 Woodland avenue. While the building was purchased without any government support, the support of the Verdun and Montreal administrations are invited to support the initiative in order that it can develop more rapidly while maintaining reasonable rents.

The initiative is actively supported by the volunteer involvement of an advisory committee that it currently composed of members of the board and team of the CACV, of SOLIDES, of the Concertation en développement social de Verdun (CDSV), residents of the neighbourhood, Pause Parents-Enfants and District Atwater.

The CACV was able to pursue the project thanks to the financial support of the Collective Impact Project of Centraide of Greater Montreal, an accelerator of change that aims to increase the impact of collective action and achieve measurable and significant outcomes in the reduction of poverty in Montreal neighbourhoods.