The CACV is a participant member of FRAPRU. The Front d’Action Populaire en Réaménagement Urbain is a national group for the housing rights. The FRAPRU also works on urban planning projects, fighting against poverty, and promoting social rights. Currently FRAPRU has 155 group members.

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The CACV is also a member of the Table Régionale des Organismes Volontaires d’Education Populaire de Montréal (TROVEP). The TROVEP of Montréal is a group of popular community organizations in different areas of Montreal that intervene in different social issues: tenant associations, women centers, and advocacy groups for the disabled, unemployed persons, injured workers, homeless, etc. These organizations gather in TROVEP to work together on the advancement of social rights, and on improving the life and work conditions of Montrealers, especially marginalized people.