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Call us, at 514.769.2228, extension 101

Our information service for renters can help you with various problems. We can inform you of your rights and responsabilities as a renter. We can help you to send your landlord formal notices (demand letters) or to negotiate an agreement. Our services are free and confidential. While you can drop-in during our regular hours, it is preferable to call 514.769.2228, extension 101 to make an appointment – this way we can be sure not to keep you waiting, and let you know if there are any documents you need to bring.

Under the circumstances (COVID-19), we are available by phone and email but not in person. Don’t hesitate to call us, at 514 769-2228, extension 101.

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In addition to the information in this section (see the pages listed on the right-hand side of the screen), you may also wish to consult the website of Éducaloi, or the Tribunal Administratif du Logement, including their examples of notices to send to your landlord.