Existing buildings

For information on how to apply to existing social housing, visit our pages on HLMs, housing not-for-profits, and cooperatives. If you would like further assistance, we offer workshops that describe these different kinds of social housing and give you the opportunity to ask questions. After such a workshop, we can also assist you in making applications.

The contact list of the CACV : the form below

We invite you to complete the form below if you are interested in living in a new social housing project, or applying to an existing project that asks the CACV for applicants. Your information will be transferred to those who are responsible for such a cooperative or housing not-for-profit. This form can also be used to indicate your interest in being one of the founding members of a project.

Please be sure to respond to all of the questions. Indicate at least one phone number where you can be reached, and let us know if your contact information changes.

Please note that completing this form cannot in any way ensure that you will eventually be offered housing. It is usually much more effective to apply to existing social housing (see our pages on coops, housing not-for-profits, and HLMs).

Unfortunately the form below is not yet available in English. We can however assist you in English upon request.

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