(Verdun, June 2nd, 2020) In the last three years, 58 families were evicted so that their apartments could be combined with another unit in their building. If the proposed bylaws are adopted at tonight’s Verdun borough council meeting (and confirmed through consultations), most tenants will be protected from such evictions or from the subdivision of their apartment.

The council will also propose to no longer allow exceptions to the moratorium on the conversion of rental units into condos. For years, many people mobilised to protect Verdun tenants from these conversions and we managed to reduce this practice which will now come to an end.

In recent months, many of us asked for these changes in Verdun, as in other neighbourhoods.
Thank you to all those who contributed to making this happen! Well done!

To the borough of Verdun, that is taking action tonight to protect residents, well done to you too!