The Lease Registry is being created by a group of Verdun residents involved with the CACV. The Registry will make it possible for people who recently moved to know the old rent for their apartment. Even if the new tenants have already signed their lease, they may be able to have their rent reduced, so that it’s similar to what the previous tenants paid. To do so, they need to go to the Rental Board (Tribunal administratif du logement).

Let’s make the Lease Registry a success! Our challenge is to collect as many leases as possible. Help us persuade as many neighbours as possible to add their leases to the Registry!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why would I want to know what used to be the rent for my place?

When landlords write up a new lease, they are supposed to mark down how much rent the last tenants paid (in section G of the lease). Usually landlords don’t, and they take advantage of this to raise the rent excessively. If you can find out what the rent used to be, you have 2 months after the lease comes into effect to ask the Tribunal administratif du logement (ental board) to reduce the rent. You have to ask the Régie for a “fixing of the rent.”

Also, if you learn from the Lease Registry that your landlord lied on your lease about the previous rent amount, you have up to 2 months after finding this out to ask the Régie to have your rent reduced.

Do you know how much rent used to be charged for my apartment?

We started gathering copies of leases in late June 2015, so we don’t have many. To find out if we have a copy of the old lease for your apartment, please contact us:, or 514-769-2228, extension 102.

If I provide information about my lease, who will have access to it?

The information about your lease will be kept confidential by CACV staff. It will be shared with future tenants of your apartment only after they have proven that they are truly the new tenants.

Who is involved in creating the Lease Registry?

It is an initiative of Verdun residents, working with the CACV.

Are there lease registries being developed for other neighbourhoods and cities?

Housing committees have been working hard for years to establish an obligatory Quebec-wide lease registry. Because the government refuses to act, tenants are organizing things for themselves! We’re starting in Verdun! A Montreal-wide registry is currently being planned. If it is created, we will ask for your permission to add your information to the Montreal registry.